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wssc basketball court


Training Benefits

The main goals and benefits of performance training designed for baseball players are as follows: Increase rotational power for bat and arm speed, develop reactive strength for quick first step, train change of direction speed, improve mobility, strength and deceleration mechanics, focus specific flexibility for arm and back care, and focus on injury prevention.


Each individual athlete’s performance is our priority. We will do a technique evaluation for each athlete to determine their specific needs. Training programs will then be developed and assigned to address these areas as well as to minimize current injury risks. 


In order to give each athlete the competitive edge we will work with them to set short and long term personal goals. We will be tracking the progress of the athletes through each 4 week periodized strength and conditioning program. As athletes master certain skills or reach a certain benchmark, they can progress to a more advanced training level. This will give us the ability to objectively recognize improvements and help motivate them by being data driven to stay committed. 


Our team prioritizes performance to give your player the competitive edge in the short and long term. Our 4 week system will teach players the foundation of key movement patterns focusing on posture and position with the aim at progression to higher speed and output movements.

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